About Our Team

The GEM-led CTA provides high-quality, low-risk technical, engineering, and programmatic services across the DOE and NNSA complexes. Our team was intentionally built to be small, agile, and able to quickly respond to DOE/NNSA needs in a collaborative and efficient manner. This flexibility, combined with our broad range of capabilities and decades of relevant experience, provides confidence to the Government that our team will successfully meet milestones regardless of the complexity or volume of the need.

The GEM-led CTA provides low risk due to our proven experience of working together to support federal missions. Our team members have trusted working relationships with DOE/NNSA, their prime contractors, and other agencies while performing numerous contracts together in various capacities, including TEPS II. Our collaborative foundation ensures DOE and NNSA receives efficient and high-quality performance on every task. Our CTA team covers all Small Business Administration socioeconomic categories, ensuring that DOE/NNSA offices readily meet their small business utilization goals.

CTA Members

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BPA Points of Contact

Tim Echelard
TEPS BPA Program Manager

Matt Jerrell
TEPS BPA Contract Manager